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About Il Vicolo

I first lived in Italy in 2003. I spent most of that time on a scooter, learning to navigate the streets of Rome. I loved it so much that I returned on my Erasmus in 2009, to study Italian in Urbino.

I opened Il Vicolo in 2011 as a back-street café and wine bar in Galway. We moved to our current location on the banks of the river Corrib three years later. Half of our team are Italian, meaning I get to speak Italian every day.  

We have 55 Italian wines; 20 by the glass. The restaurant serves a contemporary Italian menu.  

I am not a gambling man when it comes to the obvious vice, horse or cards. But time and time again when the heart is singing to me I will gamble everything on destiny. The only thing that makes me go all in.


I first thought of the idea after a conversation with one my suppliers but the idea never blossomed until September 2017 when I decided to plan Il Vicolo’s first Wine Tour to Italy and soon I found a small band of wine lovers to accompany me on the trip.

After years of passion for Italian wine and food, my arms are now covered in tattoos all related to the Italian peninsula- grapes, a red wine glass, lines from Dante’s Inferno and Venetian masquerades to name but a few.

You could say I have a problem! For me, the Wine Tour idea was a natural progression of my obsession. Like all my notions, it came out of nowhere, from a few small conversations with one of our suppliers. From that moment, Il Vicolo Wine Tours was born.

I consider myself very fortunate to have achieved and experienced all I have to date, but I still feel it’s just the beginning.

With new trips planned for 2018, I hear the calling of my name from the Mediterranean getting louder and louder. It’s time I started listening and making shapes back to my spiritual home.

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